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Finbarr Sheehy is the founder and Managing Director of BusinessExcellence.ie He has over 25 years  experience in Business Improvement, Training and Human Development. He has held senior positions in  Engineering, Manufacturing, Operational Excellence and Training in several US multinational organisations,  Analog Devices Incorporated, Intel Ireland, and Wyeth. He was Director for Continuous Improvement and  Training at Wyeth as well as Training Manager at Intel.  He holds a primary Degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters Degree in Training & Development as  well as a certified Master Black Belt in Lean Sigma. He is also a certified Coach and Master Practitioner in  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a member of Mensa. His passions and areas of expertise are:  Creativity, Innovation, Business Improvement, Training Strategy, Human Excellence, and Coaching.  Finbarr is also the Education Director of Innopharmalabs as well as Lean & Education Coordinator with Adaptive  HVM and delivers Lean & Sigma training with Trigraph Training Professionals . 
About Finbarr Sheehy
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