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Lean Thinking was originally developed in  Toyota’s manufacturing operations and spread through its supply base in the 1970’s, and its  distribution and sales operations in the 1980’s. The term was popularised in the book The  Machine that Changed the World (Womack,  Jones 1990), which clearly illustrated - for the  first time - the significant performance gap  between the Japanese and western automotive industries. It described the key elements  accounting for this superior performance as  Lean production - ‘Lean’ because Japanese  business methods used less of everything -  human effort, capital investment, facilities, inventories and time - in manufacturing,  product development, parts supply and customer relations. Lean Thinking can be applied to any organisation in any sector, the principles and techniques are transferable, often with little adaptation. Combined with Six Sigma  and a focus on the behaviours of the organisation, this provides a strong foundation to a significant transformational change. With over 20 years in the business of improvement why not contact us today to   understand how Lean Thinking can transform your business. Finbarr Sheehy, Founder BusinessExcellence.ie LeanSigma.ie
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